White jeans & Pinterest love


Hi everybody! I finally pulled out my white jeans for summer (although it’s still not as warm here as I would like…). For a long time I struggled with white jeans. They weren’t as flattering or comfortable as my darker denim favorites, so stayed far away. But I recently discovered a new trick, and it has completely changed my thinking. White jeans are usually a bit thinner material than normal denim (not always, sure, but most “summer” styles are). When this is the case, I like to wear a full size up. Voila! No sausage-legs effect and man oh man are they comfy. Anyways, that tidbit aside, I don’t really want to talk about white jeans today. I want to talk about Pinterest.

I think you could consider me a “born again” Pinterest user. I used to love it in college as a wonderful source of inspiration, tips and tricks, and recipes. And it’s one of the most effective procrastination tools I’ve ever found. But after graduating, starting life in the working world, and then channeling most of my free time into starting this blog, I definitely fell off the bandwagon. Well over the past few weeks I’ve jumped right back on that train and I am seriously enjoying the ride. There are recipes, travel inspiration, beauty and hair tutorials, and of course a vast arena of fashion inspiration. I am loving it. Are you a Pinterest user? What’s your favorite thing to search for? And seriously, please stop on by! I am always looking for more active Pinners to follow and would love for us to connect! In the mean time, happy pinning!


Top: Joie (in store only, similar)
Jacket: Maison Scotch (reversible, other side seen here)
Pants: Articles of Society
Shoes: Old Navy
Bag: Tory Burch
Accessories: Cape Cod bracelet, Ralph Lauren sunglasses (old), Bauble Bar earrings (from their recent sample sale, sadly not online)

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  1. I love white denim. I just got my first pair last summer. I’m excited to get them out. These pictures are gorg! I love the entire look, especially the shoes.
    I’m like you, I use to use Pinterest a lot, but not so much anymore. I hope to start back soon.



  2. I just repinned one of your looks and then read this post! :) I know what you mean about the free time after college..womp womp! I mostly search for recipes, as that’s probably what I most need to improve right now!
    meg of An Affair of Character


  3. That is SUCH a great tip for wearing white jeans! I have always hesitated despite how cute they look on everyone else (*major* FOMO), but I definitely have to try out your tip, soon! Heading over to follow you on Pinterest now for more of your amazing inspiration :)
    xo, Caitlin


  4. Your look inspirimg me! Is a nice combination of styles!
    New interesting post on Talis l’atelier creatif – “Emma Dress”


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