Leather leggings


Leather leggings have been big for a while now, but it took me a while to gather the courage to try them out. Well, last weekend I finally gave them a try, and after a little deliberation, I decided to share the result with you here. They’re far from a “go-to” in my closet, but I do have to admit it was pretty fun to try something new. Have you ventured into the land of leather leggings? What do you think?


Top: Club Monaco blouse (old), J. Crew Factory sweater (old, current season)
Bottoms: Mimi Chica
Shoes: Cole Haan (old)
Accessories: Bauble Bar necklace, Cape Cod bracelet, Bauble Bar ring (out of stock, similar) and ring, Banana Republic earrings (old)

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Photography: Philine Huizing


  1. You look great! I can’t do entirely leather leggings; I prefer regular leggings with leather panel though … I have many pairs with the panels doing all sorts of things and when I do wear leggings its always with the panels. I feel that it adds extra oomph in a plain jane outfit that is much needed. Have a wonderful weekend lovely!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com


  2. Great outfit. I think they look awesome on you so you should add them to your go-to closet haha I love leggings because they’re so comfortable, so I’m always wearing them.



  3. I love my leather leggings – they can be kind of intimidating at first but they’re so comfortable and warm!
    I really love the way you styled yours – the chiffon looks so soft against the toughness of the leather. Gorgeous!


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