Thanksgiving: Family gatherings & what to wear

Hi everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’ll humor me today as I try something new. Despite the fact that I’m writing this now from my parent’s couch wrapped up in my most comfortable jeans and Smartwool socks (my favorite to stay warm), I know that a lot of people dress up for the holidays to visit with friends, extended family, or the extended family of friends. See what I did there? In any event, with so much going on and so many people to meet, you absolutely don’t also want to be stressed about whether you are dressed appropriately. So, while I normally do my very best to pack light, my advice to you is to bring options. If you aren’t sure if jeans are appropriate, make sure to bring a back-up dress or skirt. And while I didn’t get my act together enough to post this yesterday, here are a few examples that will hopefully help to inspire you throughout the rest of your visits this holiday season.

Outfit 1:


Outfit 2:


One good option if you’re traveling further than across town is to show up dressed in your more casual outfit, and if you find yourself underdressed, to change into your more formal option upon arrival. What are your thoughts on how to beat outfit anxiety over the holidays?

And now, on a separate note, while I try to thank my readers in every post, I wanted to take a quick moment to truly express how grateful I am for your support, and for reading my blog. I always love to hear your thoughts on what you like, what you would like to see going forward, and how I can further help provide inspiration for your daily wardrobe needs.

Here’s to health and happiness for family and friends. Thank you very much for reading!

Outfit 1:

Top: J. Crew blouse (old, similar here), J. Crew cashmere cardigan (old, current season here)
Bottoms: Sinclair jeans (old)
Boots: Rocket Dog (very old, similar here and here)
Accessories: Pashmina scarf (old), Bauble bar earrings (old, similar here and here), Gorjana Mimi stone necklace (unfortunately sold out online), Cape cod bracelet

Outfit 2:

Dress: Madewell (old, love this option here)
Sweater: J. Crew cashmere cardigan (old, current season here)
Boots: Frye
Accessories: Francesca’s necklace (old), Bauble bar earrings (old, similar here and here), Cape cod bracelet

Simple staples: Sapphire blouse & sturdy pumps

Hi everybody!


There is something elegant about a clean, simple outfit. I love the creative challenge of designing outfits with complementary layers or accessorizing a simple outfit to make it pop. But there is something so powerful in a look that both creates an effortless vibe, while remaining flattering and chic.

I try to fill my closet with pieces that make me feel comfortable, confident, and that I know I can style multiple ways. It usually makes getting dressed in the morning easy and quick, which keeps fashion fun for me and maximizes sleeping time. Priorities. You get it. But every once in a while I get a styling block. It’s like writer’s block, but less existential. For those of you that can relate, this type of outfit is my secret coping mechanism. Ignore the frills, forget the accessories, and choose a couple of pieces that fit you well.

What are your fall back strategies for tough mornings? And what do you think – does the simple thing work?


Top: J. Crew (old, similar here)
Bottoms: Banana Republic
Shoes: Cole Haan
Accessories: J. Crew belt (old, similar here), Bauble bar earrings (old, similar here), Cape cod bracelet

Photography: Yuchen Feng

Sweater weather: Burgundy skirt & leather collar

Hi everybody!







It’s chilly here in Boston, so I’ve taken to my favorite technique for keeping warm: layering. I’ve had such great luck at Banana Republic lately (Marissa Webb is the new creative director and I can’t get enough of it). They have about a million swoon-worthy sweaters for layering there right now that are definitely worth checking out. Like this one, this, this, or that. I love the one shown here because its chunky and heavy, but cropped to keep the proportions in line. In the few short days I’ve owned this sweater I’ve worn it to work twice – this outfit here, and again last Friday with jeans, booties, and a thick scarf. I also threw it on multiple times this weekend when I dashed outside to do some errands. What can I say? I just love me a cozy sweater in this weather.


Top: Club Monaco blouse (old), Banana Republic sweater
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West Eviee Wedge (old, similar here)
Accessories: Banana Republic earrings, Gorjana necklace, J. Crew Factory bracelet, Cape Cod bracelet, J. Crew tights

Photographer: Chenglin Yuan